Shocking Texas Rain Totals: Where Does Your City Rank?

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Texas Heavy Rain

El Nino has had a profound effect on Texas this year in the form of heavy rain, flooding, hail, and generally rough weather.  So I decided to look up some rain totals from around our fine state, and the amount of rainfall the state has received is SHOCKING.

First, every single city that I researched was not only above normal on its yearly rainfall… it was significantly above normal.  Most of Texas’s major cities have endured some kind of significant flooding as well.  The result of my research speaks for itself.  The first number is the amount of official rainfall received since January 1, 2015.  The second number is the normal amount of rainfall year-to-date.   Please note that the ranked cities are just a sample of the cities around Texas.  Many towns and cities have received even more rainfall but are not listed.

RANK            CITY                          RAIN THIS YEAR           NORMAL YEAR-TO-DATE (inches)

1                     Houston                   61.62                               43.05

2                     Austin                       55.65                               30.62

3                     Texarkana                50.03                               41.11

4                     Dallas                       49.25                               31.87

5                     Brownsville              44.91                               25.16

6                     Corpus Christi         43.32                              28.80

7                     San Antonio              40.26                              28.96

8                     Abilene                      34.69                               22.71

9                     Amarillo                     32.42                               19.19

10                   Lubbock                    27.07                               17.81

11                   McAllen                      25.68                               20.47

12                   Midland                     19.78                               13.54

13                   El Paso                     10.72                               8.60

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