How to Dress Your Whole Family for Halloween for $39

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Bettes Family Costumes

I love Halloween… but not if it costs a lot of money.  All the costumes in the picture cost a grand total of $39.  So how did I do it so cheaply, and how you can you do the same for your family?

My mother was the one who turned me on to great Halloween costumes.  Since first grade, I would watch my mom start to get excited about my costume around September 25.  For example, I was in first grade in 1976.  While the other kids were cowboys, or police officers, or fire fighters, or nurses, little Robby Bettes was… a hot air balloon!  What?  Yes, my mother created a giant dome of chicken wire and then covered it in scraps of material to make it look like an old fashioned balloon.  It was attached to a basket, which I wore in the middle section.  Add a flying cap and a fake mustache, and here comes the balloon.

This year, my daughter suggested Romans.  Even my sons were excited to be Roman soldiers.  How did I do it for $39? 

The helmets cost $4 each, the breast plates $3 each.  I found them at a second hand store.  The capes and sashes were used bed sheets from Goodwill at $1 per sheet.  The “leather” skirts of the soldiers were actually vinyl purchased for $4.5 per yard (2 yards).

Everything else was borrowed.  (Free, free, free!)  The jewelry, the sandals, and the swords.  Always borrow from your home or friends for Halloween if you can.

Get your children involved and make it fun!  Halloween picture day is a whole family fun day for us.  We went to church, we ate some Mexican food, and then we all got our costumes ready together.  My daughter did her mother’s and her costumes ALL BY HERSELF.

Consider a rule my mother taught me.  “It doesn’t matter what it’s made of as long as it looks good in a picture.” —- Robert’s Mother Julie circa 1977

Happy Halloween!  Make it fun, make it family, and make it CHEAP!

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