Happy Groundhog’s Day: So What Did That Rodent Predict?

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Well, my Texas friends, it’s hard to believe, but today was the day that the world famous Punxsutawney Phil was pulled out of his luxurious tree stump condominium and set atop that stump to forecast the weather.  So what did that well fed groundhog predict?

Remember, if the rodent prognosticator SEES his shadow, then it means six more long weeks of winter.  If Phil DOES NOT SEE his shadow, it means that Spring will come early and that warm weather is on the way.

Unlike the movie Groundhog’s Day starring Bill Murray, in which a weatherman woke up morning after morning to the same day, the real groundhog’s day is SERIOUS SCIENCE.

So what did Phil do today?  First, he was placed atop the tree stump where he lives.  Phil’s very well-fed, so he kind of waddled around there a moment while the crowd in Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania watched him intently.  Next, a bunch of well-dressed men in top hats and tuxedos analyzed the rodent’s movements… staring deep into Phil’s little beady eyes and interpreting his movements.  Finally, the men lift the rodent up in the air and proclaim, “He did NOT see his shadow… an early Spring is the forecast!!!”

Yeah!!!!!  Now disregard that the RGV will drop into the 40s Tuesday night and into the 30s Wednesday night!  Remember… PHIL THE GROUNDHOG KNOWS!!!!!

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