County Judge Has Authority to Close Road for SpaceX


Preparations for the first SpaceX launch are underway. The starship is now at the launch site with the engine arriving within the coming week. The county says to expect some road closures.

Cameron County is in the process of ironing out the procedures necessary for future SpaceX launches. This week the Cameron County Commissioners Court gave the county judge the ability to close the road during Space X flight activity. This means Judge Eddie Treviño Jr. will be able to order the closure of Boca Chica Beach and HWY 4 without commission approval.

“The authority is already there. Obviously there will be the necessity of closing the road and closing the beaches. What we’re tying to do is get ahead of the curve, get a head of the situation for any potential or possible eventuality. Public safety being at the foremost of our concerns.” says Judge Treviño.

Road closures are nothing new for Cameron County in this area. Right now the street is closed off to traffic due to safety concerns at Boca Chica Beach. When SpaceX begins its launches, the Cameron County Judge believes something similar will be done for safety, however, perhaps it would include more than just a sign, and with more security.

The judge adds, “It’s what we call the ‘Zone of Danger’ near the launching itself. That’s an immediate area, and then of course there will be the closing of the road much prior to that. The main goal is to protect public safety, provide public safety, and also provide SpaceX with the necessary support.”

When asked about the closure of the road and what it means for residents living near SpaceX, the judge suggested that it’s part of the details that need to be worked out.

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