Springtime in Deep South Texas

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

Springtime is several weeks away, but southernmost Texas is way ahead of the rest of the nation. Richard Moore shows us you just never know what the sunrise will reveal in the wildlands of deep South Texas.

Just beginning to reveal itself beyond distant mesquites, the sun slowly emerges above cloaking fog. The mist-shrouded orb gradually slips free of its cloudy veil and rises to open the door of the day.

Dawn’s chorus of birdsong fills the springtime air accompanied by gobbling of wild turkeys.  Every day is a gift, and the fiery giver of life renews its promise with each sunrise.

As the sun steadily climbs higher in the sky, a whitetail deer strolls languidly across a sandy sendero in the wildlands of deep South Texas.

With brightening day, a flock of Rio Grande turkeys marches up the remote ranch country road.  Hens are in the vanguard, pausing occasionally to pluck an insect or seed from glistening grass.

Gaudy gobblers bring up the rear, fanning out their impressive tail feathers in rich light, strutting to impress rivals and garner hen’s attention.

Beyond strutting gobblers, a pair of young bucks playfully locks antlers in the cool of early morning. Soon, they will shed their antlers; maybe today as a result of this light hearted sparring, and will begin growing new ones as spring progresses.

Later, a trio of mature gobblers emerges into bright morning light hurriedly passing a pair of browsing bucks without seeming to notice them.

Feeling frisky, this pair of toms decides to confront a young buck, who quickly decides not to take on the threatening turkey twosome.

That’s the beauty of each day’s sunrise in the South Texas wildlands, you just never know what the day will reveal.

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