Playful Deer

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

The more time you spend in the outdoors the more likely you are to witness something special. Richard Moore shares an encounter with three playful deer that is sure to make you smile.

Strolling along a ranch country lake in deep South Texas, these three young bucks don’t hesitate to wade out into the shallow water to enjoy a drink.

Two of the bucks have shed their antlers, and one still has his rack intact.  After drinking their fill, the frisky youngsters decide its time to play chasetag you’re it, and the game is on.

The young antlered buck is the first to be chased and quickly races to the east end of the pond where his playful pursuer soon rushes up, and in a moment all three bucks are engaged in happy splashing.

Next up, one of the antlerless bucks gracefully gallops into position at the far end of the pond where it patiently awaits its pursuer at the appointed spot.

Soon, his playmate runs in and enthusiastic splashing commences.  These deer are obviously enjoying themselves, and I guess if you can run like a deer that is what you do.  It is no doubt even more fun when you can noisily cavort thru water.

This frolicking at the water park goes on for approximately 20 minutes, with occasional pauses to refresh.

A biologist might analyze this uninhibited chasing and splashing and conclude the deer are simply honing their survival skills by practicing how to outrun predators.

All I know is, you can’t help but smile when you see all the fun these beautiful and graceful creatures are having…and there is no doubt in my mind that these young bucks are thoroughly enjoying their playtime.

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