Bountiful Butterflies

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

It may not be prime butterfly viewing time in the Rio Grande Valley, but as Richard Moore shows us when the sun pops out butterflies appear, and it is never too early to plant for spring.

If you want to see a rare Red-bordered pixie, brilliant Blue metalmark or exotic Mexican bluewing than the Rio Grande Valley is the place.

The best region in the United States to see butterflies is the Rio Grande Valley.  More than 300 species of butterflies have been documented in the four county area, and many of those don’t occur any farther north than deep South Texas.

The subtropical climate and vegetation of the Valley attracts numerous species of butterflies whose range barely extends north of the Rio Grande.

If you want to admire a Zebra longwing in Texas, then the Rio Grande Valley is the spot. With long graceful chocolate colored wings and bold yellow stripes, this strikingly beautiful butterfly is a South Texas exclusive that can be found fluttering thru Valley gardens.

Incredibly, nearly half of the 700 plus species of butterflies that can be found in the United States occur in the Valley.

Even now in the chill of winter, when sun breaks out there are butterflies to behold, like this lovely Painted lady.  Painted ladies are actually one of the most widely distributed butterflies in the country, and this time of year they are overwintering in the Valley.

If you are interested in seeing butterflies in the Valley, then the National Butterfly Center near Mission is a great place to go.

Not only can you see lots of colorful butterflies throughout their spacious gardens, but you can also acquire hardy native plants like Lantana and Crucita that are favorite butterfly attractors.

With a little creative planting this spring you won’t even have to leave your yard to see the bountiful butterflies of the Rio Grande Valley.

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