Birds and Blooms

Richard Moore Outdoor Report

Springtime in South Texas is a special time of year, and as Richard Moore shows us the wildlands are vibrant with birds and blooms.

Springtime blooms are bursting forth throughout the South Texas brush country, as myriad birds flit amongst the colorful flowers.

Scattered yuccas have been flowering for several weeks now, and they are approaching peak bloom.
Joining towering yuccas is a plethora of flowering native plants, and the sweet perfume of yellow-gold huisachillo wafts thru wildlands.

Chaparro prieto adorns chaparral with colorful clusters of creamy white flowers, as native birds dart thru subtlety fragrant blooms.

A brilliant red cardinal perches on a flowery branch of Chaparro prieto before darting off, while another nestles within golden huisache blooms.

A soft gray female cardinal rests in the sheltering embrace of Chaparro prieto, while below her vivid mate forages on a weathered log.

White-crowned sparrows have selected the huisache for their floral backdrop as they scavenge for seeds.

Nearby, a curve-billed thrasher thrusts its beak into the crevasses of a venerable log in search of insects, while a long-billed thrasher evicts the bright red cardinal from its haunt.

A white-tipped dove perches comfortably within the protective branches of Chaparro prieto, carefully scanning for any hint of danger, its bright golden eyes blinking continuously.

Spring wildflowers are beginning to pop up, and a trio of doves pose alertly amidst the burgeoning blooms.

Joining the doves is a covey of scaled quail busily pecking thru the flowers in quest of seeds and insects. When one pauses for a moment, his distinctive white cotton top or crest is momentarily revealed.

Throughout the day there is a constant parade of birds among the blooms, and while spring is off to a fine start in southernmost Texas a little more rain would surely make this an extra special time of year.

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