Week 5: Cowboys vs. Bengals, Dez Bryant questionable to play

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It is already week 5 of the NFL season and the Dallas Cowboys find themselves at 3-1 as they get into the meat of their schedule. Here’s News Center 23’s Andy Morgan with our Silver Star Nation Report.

Andy Morgan: The Dallas Cowboys are winners of their last 3 games, looking to make it 4-straight this week against the Cincinnati Bengals. With that, let’s welcome in our Silver Star Nation analyst Mickey Spagnola. Mickey it’s been a solid few weeks here for the Cowboys, how do they keep this thing rolling against a very good Bengals team?

Mickey Spagnola: Yeah, absolutely. They are coming in at 2-2. They are probably a little bit better than 2-2. They’ve played some tough opponents. The cowboys are playing well right now. This will be a really good test to see how they can deal with, maybe an upgraded opponent. They are going to have to continue to protect Dak Prescott and run the football. They are also going to need to upgrade their pass rush. It looks like they have a good chance of getting Demarcus Lawrence back in time for the game. He’s eligible to play. They haven’t put him on the 53-man roster, but that would sure give this pass rush a boost.

Andy Morgan: What is the status of Wide Receiver Dez Bryant right now?

Mickey Spagnola: He hasn’t practiced the last two days. I don’t know after what he’s gone through, that he can practice on a limited basis on Friday, and be ready to play on Sunday. I would imagine they’ll list him as questionable. If I was to give him a different designation, it would probably be highly questionable at this point. We’ll see where it goes. They’re just kind of keep an eye on him day-to-day.

Andy Morgan: Bengals vs. Cowboys this Sunday from Jerry World. Thanks for the time, do appreciate it Mickey.

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