Second Pre Season Loss For Cowboys

NFL Dallas

It is said pre-season games don’t matter. Although it’s always nice to get on a winning track before the season. The Cowboys are coming off a second loss this pre-season. This time to the Bengals 21-13 on Saturday.

Dallas coaches say it isn’t important, but it is in a way. Head Coach Jason Garrett said he’s trying to find the players that will make the team the best it can be.

“You’ll have position battles with the expectation that someone is going to rise up, or a couple of guys will rise up to play a role on your team and maybe that does or doesn’t happen and then you figure out what the next thing is. You’re developing your team to 365 days out of the year with the guys you have now and it’s an ongoing process, if you can get them to play to the level that they need to and again it’s a fun thing to be a part of and I think we’re getting better and better everyday and we’ll try to answer some of those questions.”

Next game for Dallas is against the Arizona Cardinals.

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