Bears vs. Cowboys on Sunday Night, Spotlight on Prescott

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Andy Morgan: The Dallas Cowboys will take center stage on NBC Sunday night against the Chicago Bears. Where the light will shine brightest on rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. With that I’d like to welcome Silver Star Nation analyst Mickey Spagnola to the program. Mickey we saw Dak take a big step forward from week 1 to week 2. What can we expect from in week 3 on Sunday Night Football?

Mickey Spagnola: Well, the Cowboys can only hope he takes an even bigger step between the second and third game. I thought he looked a lot more comfortable in the pocket in that game against the Redskins. I thought he was more patient. He let some of the routes develop further than maybe he did in the first game. He didn’t seem as rushed. So if he can continue to go through his reads the way he’s been going through his reads, take care of the football, and I think it could be a pretty good offense as long as he continues to do those things.

Andy Morgan: What do the Cowboys need to do to be sure they come out 2-1?

Mickey Spagnola: Well they probably need to remember they are 1 possession away from being 0-2 themselves. They probably need to remember they went 4-12 last year. They probably need to remember they went 1-11 last year without Tony Romo starting. So I think if they keep all that in mind, they should be properly prepared.

Andy Morgan: Bears vs. Cowboys. Sunday Night Football right here on NBC. Thanks for the time Mickey.

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