Thieves finding new ways to burglarize your home


HARLINGEN, Texas – Nearly 30 homes in the Harlingen area have been burglarized using a specific object found inside your car. For these burglars breaking into your home is now easier than ever. The tool is your garage door opener.

“They’re taking the garage door openers so they can return to the house later on. What I would think is during the day when they’re [homeowners] not at home, when they’re at work and getting in through the garage that way.”

According to Palm Valley Police Chief Alvaro Garcia, there were 15 burglary cases in a Primera neighborhood in one night. 10 other cases in the surrounding Harlingen area. The burglars simply grabbing the garage clicker from the homeowner’s vehicle.

“These suspects they walk around the streets at night around midnight, one, two, three in the morning walking in the streets. They walk up to the driveway, walk up to the vehicle and they try to open the door to see if it opens. If it doesn’t open then they move on to the next house if it does open well then they just hit the jackpot.”

Chief Garcia says leaving your garage clicker visible in your vehicle is like handing a burglar the key to your home. He recommends taking the clicker inside with you or hiding it somewhere like your glove compartment or center console.

“A typical car burglar will not break a window because that attracts attention to them. It makes noise and it’s messy and they like to find doors that are unlocked.”

Chief Garcia adds that this has been an on-going problem in the last couple of months. Stating there have been multiple arrests. He urges residents to lock their doors at all times and report suspicious activity immediately.

Lastly, police encourage not to leave any valuables in your car.

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