Strangled Alligator Recovering in SPI


SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas – A strangled alligator is now undergoing recovery at the SPI Birding, Nature Center and Alligator Sanctuary.

Early this morning, a call for help after led authorities to an alligator choked with a phone line around its neck.

The sanctuary named him Dundee. It’s an American Alligator rescued at around 7 AM. He was found at the SPI golf course with visible signs of abuse.

“We found this little cord around his neck,” says Hadyn Ingram with the SPI Gator Rescue. “what we think is that somebody probably captured him and whenever he was about a foot and a half. Put it around his neck, and released him back to his little habitat not thinking he was going to grow out of it.”

The birding center recently expanded its services by adding alligators from Beaumont,TX.

Dundee is the first local gator added to SPI sanctuary. 

Sanctuary Manager Cristin Howard says, “we have them here in the wild. it’s just so important that we educate.”

The rescue team tells us it’s not uncommon to find injured gators like Dundee. Especially when people try to place a collar on a gator and never remove it once they grow. They tell us they have experience with others found with gunshot wounds still active.

A local game warden says having a new sanctuary is a big relief.

Dundee will live the rest of his life at the sanctuary where he will be an ambassador for his species.

It will take Dundee 4 to 6 months to get back in shape.

In the meantime, he will be on display to the public.  

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