Remains Found In Cold Case Dig


Texas investigators have uncovered human remains at a dig site tied to the search for Kelli Ann Cox, a 20-year-old woman who vanished in 1997.

Jan Bynum, Cox’s Mother, said she received word of the discovery on Sunday night. However, investigators caution the remains found in the filed have not yet been identified.

“I’ve learned, you know, until they confirm that, I’m going to keep my guard up,” said Bynum.

Cox was an honor student at North Texas State in Denton and the mother of a baby girl when she disappeared in July 1997 after touring the Denton jail with her criminology class. She phoned her boyfriend to pick her up from a payphone nearby, but was never heard from again.

At the time, William Reece, 56, was a suspect in the case but never charged. But now Reece, serving 60 years for aggravated kidnapping in Harris county, is talking.

Cox is one of five women who was kidnapped, disappeared or murdered in 1997 under similar circumstances. Sources say all five are connected to Reece.

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