Special Report: Surviving the Heat


MCALLEN, Texas — So far this year, 19 pediatric deaths in the U.S. are to blame for children being left in a hot car. Officials say it’s a serious issue especially with rising temperatures.

Dr. Lucas Garcia, “Ultimately we want our folks to be safe and well taken care of. Many people are just unaware of how dangerous a vehicle can be in these times of the year.”

In 2018 a record number of 52 pediatric deaths occurred in the U.S. because of children left inside a hot car. Officials in the RGV say it’s a serious issue which should be avoided at all cost.

“Lets just not assume that we are going to be outside of the vehicle for a few seconds ultimately you want to maintain responsibility with that child or that pet.” Dr. Lucas Garcia says just as children are most vulnerable to high temperatures the elderly and pets can also be impaired in different ways.

“Again at all cost and we press this on our citizens here if we can avoid having unattended children and pets in the car lets try and do that.” says Dr. Garcia. He adds if you run across a pet or child left unattended in a hot car call 911 immediately.

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