SpaceX seeks to buy every property near its facilities


SpaceX is looking to buy out properties near its facilities in South Texas.

On September the 12th the company sent out letters asking to buy every property at 3 times their value to resident of Boca Chica Village.  

We reached out to residents about the offer. We met with the Heaton Family and with the Pointers. They have made their lives long before SpaceX moved in. Their hope was to retire at their dream homes near the beach. Now with SpaceX on board, those plans may have to change.

According to the letter, the company “did not anticipate that local residents would experience significant disruption.”

“So many people think that this is just a desolate area out here.” Says resident Terry Heaton. “it’s not. There’s a lot of lives involved just besides ours.”

The letter states that the prices are not negotiable, and they have approximately 30 days to respond.

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