New exhibit at Gladys Porter Zoo opens June 21


BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A brand-new exhibit at the Gladys Porter Zoo is opening on June 21. The Colobus Crossing will feature an overhead skywalk for the monkeys. It will begin at the existing exhibit, and will lead them to a spacious outdoor habitat with plenty of opportunities to explore and exercise.

Black and White Colobus monkeys are native to Central and East Africa. Babies are born with white fur and grow the distinguishing black and white fur at around six months.

Pat Burchfield, Gladys Porter Zoo Director, “Well, for one thing, these Colobus monkeys are very active, athletic they make amazing jumps. You’ve seen them do some amazing jumps in just the first few minutes that they’ve ever been in the exhibit but it’s a very active and vital young breeding group of monkeys. It’s an opportunity to see them pretty much in their natural behavior.”

The new exhibit will also allow visitors to have a better view of the exotic creatures and observe them in a “different light.” In the wild, Colobus monkeys are vulnerable to habitat destruction and have suffered from hunting for bushmeat and skins, especially in highly populated areas.

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