Nature Photography Day 2019


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas — If you are looking for a little motivation to spend some quality time in the outdoors, then this Saturday is the perfect opportunity to venture out. As Richard Moore explains it it’s Nature Photography Day.

With the dawning of each new day comes promise of discovery.

From sun rising over surf on Boca Chica Beach to tranquil dawn waters of Laguna Atascosa, you never know what natural wonders await you in the South Texas outdoors.

Perhaps, first light will reveal the amazing aquatic ballet of White pelicans fishing the mouth of the Rio Grande, or the mirrored image of a pair of bonded Whistling ducks strolling inland shallows.

Bountiful wildflowers welcome morning light, and while wine cups toast the dawn, the aptly named Lazy daisies sleep late, waiting to unfold only after others have spread their petals.

The meadow pink are captivating with their vibrant hue, and the luscious red Tulipan del monte is enthralling.

A richly colored painted bunting splashes enthusiastically at a remote ranch country pond, while a diminutive Verdin dispatches a plump green worm.

Nearby, a Cactus wren chortles loudly while a Black-throated sparrow lends its voice to the morning chorus.

Resplendent blooms of the pitaya cactus provide a colorful pathway for an impressive Diamondback rattlesnake that doesn’t hesitate to traverse the thorns.

Saturday is Nature Photography Day. Each year, June 15th is designated by the North American Nature Photography Association as Nature Photography Day.

This year will mark the 14th annual celebration, promoting appreciation of nature photography, as people are encouraged to enjoy the day by using a camera to explore the natural world.

And there is no better place to explore the outdoors with your camera than the Rio Grande Valley.

Whether it’s your own backyard, a local wildlife refuge or park…take a camera to pause and enjoy nature.

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