Father saves son from flying baseball bat


A dad with lightning-fast reflexes made a play to stop a bat from striking his son, saving the day as the flying bat headed straight for his eight-year-old son’s head.

It happened during a spring training game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Atlanta Braves in Orlando Saturday. Shaun and Landon Cunningham were there, at Landon’s first game, to celebrate his birthday.

Landon’s father Shaun, a firefighter and former high school baseball player, only had seconds to think, acting on instinct throwing out his arm and bracing for impact.

“Once I realized that it was actually heading for my son i just did anything i could to, to block it and deflect it,” Shaun said.

Landon was looking at his phone because he had taken a player’s picture and wanted to send it to his mother

“I was going to send it to my mom. I was looking at [how] it turned out. Then the bat came flying by. I looked up because my dad said something but i didn’t look up in time, and my dad did this [demonstrates] to block it,” Landon said.

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