780 Pound Gator Caught in Florida


Hunters in Florida over the weekend tracked down and killed what may be one of the largest alligators on record in the state

Outwest Farms owner Lee Lightsey was hog hunting with his son, a guide, and two hunters when they came across the creature.

Lightsey says the gator weighed in at 780 lbs.

“He was pushing 15 ft. probably,” Lightsey said.

A gigantic gator reeled in during a routine hunt over the weekend.

“He was dead when we drug him out– of course we couldn’t drag him out by our hand– we pulled him out with a tractor and got some good pictures of him,” Lightsey said.

Lee Lightsey is the professional alligator hunter who moved in for the kill.

Thrill-seeking seeking clients pay Lee who runs “Outwest Farms” up to $10,000 for the experience.

And this time they didn’t have to go far.

“He was in our bull pasture and he could catch a bull, but as far as us, we knew he was there. We weren’t gonna get in the water,” Lightsey said.

The priceless picture was snapped right after the kill and the pint sized person next to it is lee’s son, 9 year old mason.

Although this reptile is no longer on the prowl, the experts realize they just likely pulled off a once in a lifetime catch.

“Gators that size are hundreds of years old and they’re few and far between,” Lee said.

The remains of that alligator are already being harvested.  Experts believe that they can get about 100-200 lbs. of alligator meat from the tail alone, not to mention a countless number of belts and shoes and other items that will be made from the alligator’s skin.

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