Migrant father and daughter drown, bodies found at the banks of the Rio Grande


BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A father and daughter from Central America are found dead on the banks of the Rio Grande River. Oscar Alberto Martinez and his 23-month-old daughter Angie Valeria were discovered laying face down in the murky waters this week. The daughter appeared to be hugging her father.

The shocking images captured on monday are a grim reminder of the dangerous journey across the border into the United States. The two had actually made it onto U.S. soil but the father went back to help his struggling wife. The child followed, causing them both to drown. That’s according to a journalist from a Mexican newspaper that saw the drama unfold.

The incident has prompted a huge stir international and in the U.S. where congress took sides on the issue of immigration on Capitol Hill. Along party lines democrats saying more needs to be done on the humanitarian side for the migrants. Republicans saying more needs to be done on border security to stop the mass migration.

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