Why BISD Voted to Close Three Elementary Schools, Despite Public Protest

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In just a few weeks, campuses that were built almost a century ago will close their doors to the students, teachers, staff and alumni who grew to see the schools as a second home. 

The district explained that the sense of urgency to consolidate the schools stems from decline in enrollment and decrease in revenue and broke down the numbers for each school:

Consolidating Resaca Elementary to Sharp and Putegnat 

Resaca Elementary has a classroom capacity of 440 students, current student enrollment is 277. Projected enrollment is 251.

Sharp’s classroom capacity is 682, current enrollment 482, projected enrollment 456, with Resaca students it will be at 582. 

Putegnat’s classroom capacity is 682, current enrollment 498, projected enrollment is 503, with Resaca 632.

The Estimated cost to renovate Resaca is $8,002,037, while the total cost savings to consolidate Resaca to Sharp and Putegnat would be $8,641,932. 

Consolidation of Victoria Heights to Perez

Victoria Heights classroom capacity 682, current enrollment 332, projected enrollment 300. Perez’s classroom capacity is 858, current enrollment 474, projected enrollment 442, enrollment with Victoria heights 742.

The cost to renovate Victoria Heights $10,352,210, the district would save $11,056,239 if it consolidates. 

Consolidation of Longoria to Canales Elementary

Longoria Elementary has a classroom capacity of 550, current enrollment of 339, and projected enrollment of 313. 

Canales has a classroom capacity of 1,012, current enrollment of 534, and a projected enrollment of 499. With Longoria students, enrollment would be 812. 

The projected cost to renovate Longoria is $14,045,115, saving the district $14,769,665. 

The district currently has a five-year plan for the closing schools which includes renting, selling or re-purposing them, tearing down the schools is not an option. 

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