‘We Need The Rain And We Need It Now’ – Drought Continues in Texas

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Approximately 49 percent of Texas is currently going through a dry period.

Weekly reports remaining constant for the RGV at abnormally dry.

A hot day throughout the Rio Grande Valley may seem like an inconvenience for some, but when your livelihood depends on good weather, dry conditions can be devastating.  

In the past week, drought monitors indicating most of Texas undergoing a dry period.

We reached out to the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board to tell us more about this drought season.

Harlingen Regional Manger Ricardo Chapa says farmers are fully aware of the current drought.  “They do their homework, but even with that…weather wise is very vital to get his crop out.”

A drought can be difficult for farmers or ranchers. It can be even more difficult for dry land farmers, those that don’t have ways to pump water on to their fields, those that are relying almost exclusively on the rain.

“Driving around I can see some of the crop that are in need of rain,” says Chapa, “some of them, quite frankly it may be too late for them.”

Farmers that have access to pumps or irrigation systems may find it more expensive to obtain water. The more the farmer irrigates in a season, the more times they find themselves paying to irrigate crops.

“We need the rain and we need it now.” Says Chapa.  

You can find the latest Drought Monitor here.



On Camera Interview – Ricardo Chapa, April 17, 2018


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