Voter Turnout In Hidalgo County Surpassing 2014 Numbers

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In Hidalgo County, voter turnout has gone up compared to the 2014 primary elections.

Before noon today the county elections department reported that voter turnout for this year’s primary elections had already surpassed the numbers four years ago by over seven percent.

Hilda Salinas – Elections Analyst, “All together, including election day and early voting, we had a total of 36,993 people cast their ballot in 2014. We have already surpassed that.”

The majority of votes for this primary election have come from early voting. Election analysts believe the convenience of their countywide polling program keeps voter turnout on the rise. The program allows voters cast their ballot at any voting location, instead of forcing them to go to a location in their precinct.

“We did the pilot program in November. We did apply to become a permanent countywide polling location, to offer that permanently in hidalgo county, which was approved by the secretary of state. Now that is offered here permanently. From here and on voters can cast their ballots at any polling location. Their ballots will be everywhere.” Said Salinas.

There are 74 polling locations for people to go out and vote. Elections department officials want to remind voters to take the necessary forms of id to cast their ballot. You can find the full list on the departments web page.

If you still have not gone to cast your ballot, you have until 7: 00 p.m.

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