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Marsha Bronson walked through the lobby of the World Trade Center every day.

“Like any other day i would get off the path train and I would travel through the lobby of the World Trade Center and exit it and on my way to work I would go,” Marsha Bronson said.

Not knowing that if she had shown to work any later she might not be here to tell the story.

“I noticed several of my co-workers standing by the window which faced downtown. Which is where the World Trade Center was. Low and behold there was smoke billowing out of one of the floors of the World Trade Center,” Bronson said.

The building she worked from was just a 20 minute walk from where the plane hit.

She said after being told to evacuate it was like a horror movie.

“While I was trying to exit the city. I would see several people that were covered in the dust from the towers. They were expressionless they had no expression on their face,” Bronson said.

With most transportation shut down she says rode with a stranger back to her home in New Jersey.

Now 14 years later she lives in Harlingen and says she’s just thankful to be alive.

“There were mixed emotions so much joy that I lived through it and saddened by all the lives that were taken,” Bronson said.

Bronson said she returned to her job in New York three days after 9-11 but it was never the same.

“It was surreal it was as if a war had gone off in the city,” Bronson said.

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