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This week the nation recognizes the unseen heroes, who are only one call away; telecommunication dispatchers.

News Center 23 met with the people behind the phone. 

“We want to get them the fastest response time possible,” said 911 Dispatcher Belinda Aguilar. “The public needs to know here at dispatch, we are first on scene.”

“Not physically, but in retreating vital information needed for the officers to arrive,” she said.

Part of the dispatcher’s duties includes answering majority of 911 calls and relaying the data to the appropriate department. 

“What we do here is we work as a team,” Aguilar said.  “If [one dispatcher] is sending out [Police Department] I’m sending out [Fire Department] or [Emergency Medical Service].”

Aguilar said dispatchers must keep a straight face even during the most life-threatening scenarios. 

“At the Communication Center, it is important to remain calm at all times, so we are able to assist the public in getting them the assistance that they need,” she said.  

 It’s important when calling 911 that you give your location, because cell phones take longer to track. 

Telecommunications also looks out for the safety of officers, who said they appreciate what dispatchers do. 


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