Undocumented immigrant seeking justice

Local News

MISSION, Texas – An undocumented immigrant who was shot in the back by a property owner is speaking to the media for the first time.

25-year old Daniel Leon-Gutierrez, a Mexican national, says he was shot in the back after a run-in with a property owner at a home in Mission. After illegally crossing into the U.S. Gutierrez claims the homeowner pulled out his gun and asked him to leave. Gutierrez told the homeowner he was a migrant and meant no harm. Gutierrez also says the homeowner told him to run and waited until he did start running before shooting him.

Daniel Leon-Gutierrez, “I felt like I could no longer keep walking, but I never fell because I have two daughters, so I kept fighting for them.”

A Criminal Trespass warrant was issued against Gutierrez for the incident but that was dismissed today in a Mission court room. Attorney Alex Martinez who represents Gutierrez says the home owner is claiming self-defense. Martinez calls the incident an attempted homicide.

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