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Graduation ceremonies kick off this weekend in Brownsville.  But for some families, money is tight. 

The Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville is dressing tomorrow’s leaders for pennies on the dollar.  Shopping isn’t my strong suit, but Sylvia Stevens make the process, seamless.

“I’ve been working here for 13 years”

With more than a decade helping people at the Good Neighbor Settlement House, Sylvia has heard and told lots of stories.

“I love it, I love working with people”

One she loves telling, is how many young men and women come through her door, looking to get fancy.

“Wow, I’ve been looking for it, I haven’t been able to find it and find it here.”

Whether the ‘It’ you’re looking for, is for graduation, church, an internship or landing a job, Sylvia says you can find a sharp outfit for only a few dollars. 

“A tie for .50, a white shirt for .50, a pair of pants for a dollar.

But Sylvia can’t help everyone all the time.  Volunteers, Alyssa and Ana Roberta Flores pull together outfits for anyone looking to… well… look their best.

Black and white are really classy, and you can never go wrong, and it’s appropriate.  They’re a couple of thrift shoppers too.

I found one time this really nice dress, and I remember getting lots of compliments for it, was really nice

Did you tell anybody you bought it downtown?

Yeah I told a few people, they were surprised because they didn’t expect to find anything like that.”

With Brownsville families across the city having tight budgets, Sylvia and the Good Neighbor Settlement House want parents to try it on for size.

The thrift store is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3pm.  They’re always looking for clothing donations and appliances.  If you need a pick up for those bigger items give them a call, we’ll have their information on our website with this story on

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