Texas Could Return To Paper Ballot System

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Texas could take a step away from technology and return to a paper ballot system.

A new bill would require a paper trail for election systems in an effort to bolster election security in the state.

Critics worry that this legislation reverses advancements in voting both technology by forcing paper tracking.

The bill was born out of a renewed focus on cyber-security at the end of last legislative session and protecting the integrity of Texas elections.

It would require the Secretary of State’s Office to implement a pilot program and a series of audits to make sure electronic systems are counting votes correctly. 

“The report of the community which was supported unanimously by the members endorsed the adoption of election systems with a paper ballot or paper backup. As of the end of last year, 36 states use systems only with a paper component, and fives use electronic only, and nine states like us have a combination of the two.” Says Senator Bryan Hughes. 

The bill would also prohibit anyone from impeding walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, or roadways within 1,000 feet of a polling place.

County elections administrators worry about having to patrol an area of that size.

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