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The south Texas wildlands can become a little drab during the holiday season. Richard Moore shows us there are plenty of colorful avian creatures to brighten the landscape.

If you are looking for some Christmas color in the south Texas outdoors this holiday season then Valley wildlife has plenty to offer. The flashy Green jay is certainly at the top of the list, and how about the brilliant red Cardinal for a brush country ornament.
If you want both green and red in one bird then red-crowned parrots fill the bill. If vivid yellow is your preference, then the Great kiskadee flaunts a fine yellow chest.
Resident Roseate spoonbills sport subtle shades of pink, while Altamira orioles flash their bright orange feathering year round.
Winter visitors offer additional colorful attractions such as the distinctive hue of the Redhead duck. And if a white Christmas is more to your liking then how about a raft of Snow geese or a parade of gleaming White pelicans.
If you can get one to slow down long enough for a close look, the visiting Ruby-throated hummingbird displays a glittering red gorget or throat patch.
The Valley’s avian denizens are not the only colorful creatures flitting thru the wildlands as a marvelous array of butterflies also grace this sub-tropical realm. They may not be quite as active on the coldest days of the season, but when the sun breaks thru shimmering Mexican blue wings and Red-bordered pixies emerge to bask in the warmth.
Christmas colors abound in the south Texas outdoors, and the good news is that many of them adorn the brush country year round.

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