Seven Mexican Nationals Charged Over Botched Robbery At La Plaza Mall

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Seven men, all Mexican Nationals, were taken before a judge at the McAllen municipal court and formally charged with aggravated robbery and five of the men were also charged with providing false identification.

You may recall on Saturday just after noon McAllen police along with other law enforcement agencies responded to the La Plaza Mall for a botched robbery attempt. There were reports of shots being fired. When we arrived on scene the mall was completely evacuated and we did speak to some of those employees and shoppers who tell us it was a chaotic and scary situation.

“I mean I was pretty much just cashing out a customer and I just heard a lot of people running towards the front of the entrance and then we just, I heard a guy come in and say there’s a shooting and then I heard two gun shots so we just pretty much evacuated our customers and our team through the back entrance that we have and we just ran out through the back.” 

“They saw two suspects one of them pulled out a gun and the other one covered his face with a mask and one of them notices him, that the man had a gun, so she says to the other one run.” 

“You can’t mistake a gun shot for something else. You know if you hear a gun shot you know it’s a gun shot even though you’ve never heard a gun shot you know it is just from hearing the sound that pop.” 

But after the scene was cleared police said there were no shots fired during the incident and that customers must have mistaken the gun shots for glass being broken. The seven men were all charged with aggravated robbery and given a $200,000 bond and five of the men were given a second charge of providing a false identity and an additional $10,000 bond.

Now McAllen police say they will be providing us with more information about teh case later today. For now, those men remain behind bars. 

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