Senate Investigators Say Federal Government Has Lost Track Of Immigrant Children

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Senate investigators are saying the federal government has lost track of hundreds of immigrant children who entered the United States by themselves.

The Department Of Health And Human Services initially cares for the children, and places them with an adult sponsor. The sponsor is supposed to care for these kids, while their cases go through the immigration courts.

Senators Tom Carper and Rob Portman are leading the investigation. 

Their report found from October to December of last year, Health and Human Services lost track of 1500 children.

Health and Human Services are disputing the findings. 

“We’ve seen examples of children being placed with sponsors and being trafficked, and right now, about 50% of these children don’t show up to their immigration proceedings.” Says Senator Rob Portman. 

“There are no lost children. There are some families that don’t take our call. There’s a big difference.” Says Jonathan White of Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services says it’s only required to check in with the adult sponsor within 30 days, but it can’t do anything if that sponsor doesn’t answer the call.

Several senators insist that Health and Human Services has the authority and the ability to keep track of the children.

Portman says he is working on legislation to help solve the problem. 

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