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The end of the school year may be bittersweet for some students and teachers across the Valley.

One school in Mission continues a tradition of sending out its students for the summer in a fun way. While some get excited for school letting out for the summer others find a bit more difficult saying goodbye to those they’ve gotten attached to.

Laura Garza, Coach at Alton Memorial Junior High says, “I’m excited that they’re going to do great in high school, but I am missing them. It’s breaking my heart to see them go.”

Teachers and staff continued an annual tradition of lining up in the bus pick up area. They give a last farewell to their eighth graders as they move on to high school.

Sylvia Garcia, Principal, “We started the tradition with the wave and saying good-bye to them and wishing them well, 15 years ago.”

Several years into the school’s tradition the students began a tradition of their own.

“They started throwing their id’s and lanyards at us, just so that we can remember them by that.” said Principal Garcia.

For some of the teachers this tradition makes it easier to cope with the emotions that go on during the last day of school.

“I lead up to it, and they already know I am emotional, and I do tell them I’m going to miss them several times, but this is kind of like a good way to tell them I won’t see you all for a while. It’s bittersweet.” says Coach Garza.

Regardless of how long they can go without seeing their now former students, some teachers say they will always keep them in their mind.

Coach Garza, “We do have certain kids that affect us and get a little piece of our heart. They’re not replaceable. I’m always adding to the group of kids I have in my heart.”

Some of the teachers at Alton Memorial Junior High tell us they hope the tradition keeps going for many years to come.

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