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AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Legislature continues to expand its efforts on education. As previously reported the Texas Senate is looking to increase salaries for all teachers by $5,000. Now the Texas House is releasing their take with potential increases for all district employee salaries and funding for Pre-K programs.

A major reform for school finance is moving forward in the Texas legislature. It is known as House Bill 3. This proposal looks to increase the state’s spending on public schools. During this session Local 23 News’ Alfredo Cuadros meets with Rio Grande Valley legislators at the state capitol.

State Representative Alex Dominguez (D) District 37, “House Bill 3, I’m a co-author in that bill, it’s a tremendous bill. It’s $9 billion invested into education. We have never done that before. There is a lot of momentum on both sides. A very bipartisan issue. We have estimated that all the schools in my district would benefit by HB 3’s passage. Most of the schools in the valley, if not all of them would benefit.”

Governor Abbott declared school finance reform an emergency item during his state of the state address earlier this year. After speaking to some of the Valley delegation right here in Austin, they’re saying there is a strong need for a bill on education.

State Representative Eddie Lucio III (D) District 38, “We want to provide more flexibility to local school districts, to invest in programs that are a priority to them and their constituents. At the same time maintaining the priorities of the state in certain areas. It’s a great bill that we passed in the session. It’s on its way to the senate. But that [education] really seems to dominate the headlines this session.

State Representative Armando Martinez (D) District 39, “It’s one of the biggest bills that we passed in decades and I’m very, very proud of it. Looking forward to seeing that pass the senate so we can bring that much needed money and finance to our education system.”

The bill now heads to the state senate for consideration.

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