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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – The New Year is barely a week old, and as Richard Moore shows us there is a lot to look forward to in South Texas outdoors during the months to come.

The first week of the New Year has already glided past, and there is so much to look forward to throughout the coming year. The first month of the year in deep South Texas always seems to tantalize with captivating sunrises and winter waterfowl’s abundance.

While the vanguard of yuccas have already begun to bloom, by the end of February they will be in full flower accompanied by the fragrant aroma of huisache permeating the air.

Wild Rio Grande gobblers will be strutting their stuff in March, doing their best to impress the hens.

April is the peak of songbird migration, with the 20th a good date to rely on. While myriad colorful songbirds migrate thru, prickly pear cactus will be flowering.

May is also a good month for blooming cactus, and depending on rainfall, the pitaya can be spectacular.

By June, baby quail should be arriving, and tulipan del monte will flower in the arid brush country.

July is a busy month for newborns, and peak time for fawn arrival.  Young parrots will also begin inquisitively poking their heads out of palm tree hollows.

August is prime time for wildlife viewing at ranch country waterholes, as every creature from exotic Nilgai antelope to thirsty armadillos will be coming to slake their thirst.

September features the revealing of newly hardened antlers by whitetail bucks, as they will be shedding the velvet-like sheath that has encased their antlers during the annual spring and summer growing season.

October’s theme is fall migration, and you can mark the 10th of the month for close to peak time for the annual arrival of peregrine falcons along the shore of South Padre Island.

November and December will bring the year full circle with the return of geese and Sandhill cranes greeting the crimson dawn.

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