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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – A fascinating variety of animal antics abound in the South Texas wildlands. From frisky Whitetailed deer to surfing White pelicans.

What could be more fun than playing a game of tag with your deer friends at the water park?  Tag you’re it, and they gleefully frolic in spirited pursuit of one another.

The uninhibited chasing and splashing goes on for some twenty minutes, and I guess if you can run like a deer then that is what you do.

When it comes to fun, what could be more satisfying than doing some surfing? This contingent of White pelicans mixes in a little wave riding at Boca Chica as they take a break from fishing.

These winter visitors are obviously enjoying themselves as they partake in some Tex/Mex surfing at the mouth of the Rio Grande.

Now, maybe these wild turkeys are just trying to impress the hens, but they don’ t hesitate to challenge a young buck…who eventually decides to flee.

This gobbler is taking on a sparring partner way out of his weight class, but spreads his feathers and charges in.

Launching himself into the buck’s formidable antlers, the gobbler makes solid contact, but appears unfazed by the encounter, and once again it is the buck that backs off.

And, what does a thrasher do when it encounters a big indigo lurking at its favorite pond?  Well, it emits an alarm call and then escorts the snake off the premises, but not before taking a bold peck at the serpents departing tail.

While animal antics abound in the wildlands, you don’t even have to leave your home to witness intriguing interactions.

And where else but southernmost Texas can you savor the spectacle of a backyard feeder brimming with tropical red crowned parrots and a chachalaca?

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