RGV tops Walgreens’ Flu Index yet again for several years in a row

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As it starts to get colder throughout the year, most people stay conscious of getting immunized for flu season. And if you feel like you’re prone to getting the flu, it might not just be you, but your surroundings.

“It’s been for several years one of the most prevalent areas in the United States according to the report that Walgreens puts out. And people are getting immunized against it, but it’s still a high area,” said Walgreens Pharmacist Alycen Lacombe.

We asked if the environmental effects of living in a hot, humid climate play a role in the number of people affected by the flu virus.

“Yes, and when we do get our climate changes, things change pretty rapidly,” said Lacombe.

When flu season kicks off, about 500 people come to the Walgreens Pharmacy every month to get vaccinated. That number does die down in January, but it will pick back up in February.

“We get a vast majority of people coming in for flu shots alongside them coming in for other shots and stuff, and we get a lot of them because their insurance pays for the majority of their flu vaccines,” said Lacombe.

Lacombe says it’s advisable to get vaccinated because the virus in the vaccine is already dead. In other words, the likelihood of getting sick before you get better is actually very slim.

“The flu vaccine takes about two weeks to feel the full effects of the immunity, so it is very effective,” said Lacombe. “This year we haven’t had anything from the CDC come down yet.”

And in general, just keep in mind that maintaining cleanliness is key when it comes to avoiding flu symptoms.

“Even though we have the flu vaccine, prevention by washing hands and using hand sanitizers and things like that is a good thing to stick with,” said Lacombe.


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