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For many years, valley residents once resorted to speculation regarding the economic impact from Mexico on Rio Grande Valley business.

 Today… results are in from the first ever cross border study that shows exact figures on consumer insights.

Over the past few months, the first Nielsen cross border study was conducted to find the economic impact Mexico has on towns along the Rio Grande Valley. It began in fall of 2015. Thousands were contacted both by phone and in person. The results have been known since march, but today members of the public got the first glimpse.

Mike Gonzales, Executive Director of United Brownsville, says, “When you look at the true market size here, as far as the Hispanic market, we’re actually on par with Chicago, Phoenix and San Antonio. It’s a much larger market and with this data we’re able to sell that as one large market.”  

Among the data, leisure is one of the most common reasons tourists come to the valley.   Brownsville was determined to be the most frequented city by visitors.

Mayor of Brownsville, Tony Martinez, says, “I think the opportunities are there. And now it is just a matter of us… if you ever had a doubt, now you’ve got statistics.”

Some say that the data from this study is reassuring enough to build concrete strategies around.

Valley Day and Night Clinic Marketing Representative Elizabeth Charles says, “It’s awesome to know the demographics of who’s coming in and where they’re spending their money. That way we know where to invest our money and our marketing efforts.”

For some, this information was common knowledge for generations, others are proud that there is now real scientific data that can be implemented.

Brownsville Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Melinda Rodriguez said, “When you combine the two regions, the U.S. Border and the Mexican border, from Reynosa to Matamoros, and from Brownsville to Mission, we become the fifth largest MSA in the United States, not far from Los Angeles.”

Some argue that the key to benefit from this data is to have the entire valley cooperating towards a common economic goal.

For more information on the 115 thousand dollar study, or would like specific data you can partners involved in the study.

Cameron County Partners include:

City of Brownsville, Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, Harlingen Economic Development Corporation, Brownsville Economic Development Council, Harlingen Convention & Visitors Bureau, and United Brownsville.

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