Replica Columbus ship sinks at Corpus Christi Marina

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Replica Columbus ship sinks at Corpus Christi Marina _ - Google Chrome 4_23_2019 1_32_38 PM.mp4.00_00_10_07.Still001_1556044429151.jpg.jpg

Courtesy KRIS TV

The last remaining ship of the replica Columbus Fleet is once again underwater.

Corpus Christi Interim City Manager Keith Selman informed city council today that La Nina sunk overnight at the Corpus Christi Marina.

Earlier this month, the city announced plans to move the ship to Aransas Pass for repairs.

The La Nina is the last of three Columbus-era replica ships given to the City of Corpus Christi by the Spanish government.

The city demolished La Ninaā€™s companion ships ā€“ the Pinta and Santa Maria ā€“ in 2014.

This is a developing story, and more information will be reported as it becomes available.

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