Real or Fake: Blue Dragon Sea Slug Spotted in SPI

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Real or Fake? Earlier today we asked you to comment on a rare sighting allegedly out of South Padre Island.

We now find it’s possible that tiny creatures known as the Blue Dragon Sea Slug may have been spotted in the shores of the destination city.

UTRGV Coastal Studies confirming to Local 23 News that the animals are common in the Gulf of Mexico but spend most of their lives in open water.

They’re about the size of a quarter and they pack a powerful sting.

The Glaucus atlanticus is commonly known to feed on Portuguese Man O War, a siphonophore also known to wash up on local beaches.

Although uncertain if the sighting shared on social media this weekend were genuine, the coastal studies organization tells us it is possible for the sightings to occur in SPI waters.

Viewers sent us some corresponding images to corroborate the sightings.

We reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife on this issue. They say they were not informed or notified of the local sightings.  

If you do find one out on the shore, you’re asked to not touch or disturb local wildlife.  

A strange sighting in South Padre Island. Visitors to the beach city claim to have spotted a tiny sea creature on local shores.

They call them Blue Dragon Sea Slugs and they can be extremely poisonous. People on Facebook are saying this is one of many rare sightings this week.

Local 23 News reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife and the UTRGV Coastal Studies lab to confirm if the pictures circulating online are real and seek to find if it’s possible for this creature to visit SPI shores.

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