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As we continue through this Hurricane season, many are preparing for the storms ahead. NewsCenter 23’s Alfredo Cuadros meets with valley utility companies to find out what you should do in case your power goes out.

We may run drills, have meetings and discuss the impacts of a storm, but when the power goes out in your home, is your local utility company prepared when disaster strikes?

During a storm or a hurricane, our goal is to restore power as quickly but as safely as possible. And during a major storm, a lot of things that happen, is that we have tree branches that fall on power lines.

Most utility companies have year round efforts. Some include removing trees from power lines, debris cleanup and regularly test backup generators.

Be aware if there are any power lines that could be a problem. If they see anything that they’re worried about, to give us a call. Make sure ahead of time that you know any kind of evacuation route.

When disaster strikes and the lights go out, the first thing people tend to do is call their electric company, but lines usually become congested. So what do you do? Well some companies are starting to use mobile apps so you can report your problems and be the first in their responder’s map.

There might be an emergency where lots of people are out. There is not enough people, not enough phones, so there could be delays. Using our web app is a way to kind of cut through that.

The valley is prepared. Not only from a utilities perspective, but from a crisis management perspective, the valley is ready.

In the past few years the valley has not had a major storm or hurricanes, and hopefully these emergency plans will not be needed.

All of the electric companies we reached out to say they have some emergency plan available.

In most cases, they plan to have employees working long shifts to have 24 hour coverage.

Some like Brownsville’s PUB has open meetings with the public to let them know what their plan is.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, the 4500 employees of Nexstar Broadcasting and NewsCenter 23 will join together in a day of giving to the communities we serve. Follow along as we tell the stories of the local charities we’ll be working with on our Founders Day of Caring.


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