Pope Francis to Send Personal Message for the Valley

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A message from Pope Francis is making its way to the valley.

The Catholic Church organization, known as the Diocese of Brownsville, held a press conference to discuss a new initiative.

In the age of computers and smartphones, the Catholic Church plans to unite younger generations with a strong message. This year, The Diocese of Brownsville has a new initiative to unite and celebrate in their ‘First World Youth Encounter.’

Director of Youth Ministry Giovanni Ada says, “Not all of us can easily get out of the valley. So we said, ‘let’s do something for our young people here.’ The idea kept growing. How do we give them more? Can we find something exciting for them?”

What they came up with grew exponentially. The once local event is will now have Pope Francis address South Texas, local concerns and a message to the youth. The pope may not physically enter the valley, but thanks to technology he can be here on a screen.

“I first mentioned this to the Vatican if this could be done and [Vatican contact’s] reaction was, ‘this is a very smart idea that never happened before,’” says Ada.

Along with this message, young worshipers will have the opportunity to talk to and communicate with other youth groups around the world. The goal is to show them how similar their problems and questions compared to other teens.

Ada says, “Our pope is into very much using social media. So I think… and he is using a lot. And I think other places will follow suit.”

On July 26 the Saint Anne in Penitas TX, will be the site of the event. The youth ministry director tells me he’s excited the Vatican will address South Texas Directly.

“[the pope’s] addressing our diocese in particular. It’s not just young people in the whole world. It’s Just for us,” says Ada. 

The Diocese of Brownsville has plans of streaming this event for those who may not be able to attend in Penitas.

This will be an all day event on Tuesday July 26, at the Saint Anne Church of Penitas.

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