Police: Get Over being afraid of ‘Narc’ Label, Take Back the Community and Report Drug Operations

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On the outside, 3920 Solid drive in Brownsville appears to be a nice normal home.

But inside was a high tech-hydroponic-marijuana operation, cranking on all cylinders.

At around 4pm Friday the operation was shut down by multiple law enforcement agencies including Cameron County Sheriff’s Department and the Cameron County District Attorney’s office.

Inside more than 100 plants, an elaborate growing system and Jason Meyn.

Meyn is in federal custody awaiting further charges.

Brownsville Police have seen their share of hydroponic homes and give insight on how to bring them down.

“They’re hard to detect…unless you specially know, you’re not going to find them.” said J.J. Trevino Brownsville Police Department.

To bring down operations like this it takes tips no matter how big or how small.

Brownsville Police explain the obvious signs.

“You’re going to find a lot of traffic you can find people coming in and out for short periods of time…If nobody comes in and out except for your customers then there’s obviously something wrong with that house.” said Trevino.

Brownsville police say it’s time to get over fear of retaliation and take back the community.

“People need to get away from the fact that because you say something that you’re going to be considered a narc or a rat or whatever you want to call it. I think they need to be more concerned with what goes on in their neighborhood.” said Trevino.

KVEO spoke with neighbors here in the area, who say that they had seen suspicious activity but we’re cautious of calling the Crime Stoppers Hotline.

Brownsville Police explained tip line calls are not recorded, there is no call tracing and it has no caller ID to ensure the caller is remaining anonymous. 

Report crimes to the Cameron County District Attorney’s office http://www.stopdrugscameron.com/

Report crimes to the Brownsville Police Department online http://brownsvillecrimestoppers.com/

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