Police Can’t Find Animal Cruelty Evidence From Hanged Cat Case

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Brownsville police are searching for missing evidence from an animal cruelty investigation.
Sunday, John Kauffman’s family cat, T.C., was found hanging from his next-door neighbor’s fence with the scratch and claw marks tell the horrors of his final moments, “My neighbors are all freaked out about it I mean this is a relatively quiet neighborhood we had small issues…nothing like this.”

The wooden fence faces a busy stretch of road, Military Highway and El Cielo. Kauffman said it’s a quiet neighborhood but “I’m praying whoever did this has claw marks all over him”
To make the crime more disturbing, Kauffman’s young son Michael found their cat’s lifeless body, “he just kept crying and crying. Asking who would do this to his cat?”

Sunday, a Brownsville Police Officer responded to the call, made an incident report and collected the cord strangle T.C., a plastic water bottle tied to the end of the cord and a crack pipe from the scene. The following day, Monday, the story takes a concerning turn for the Kauffman family. A Brownsville Police Lieutenant informed Kauffman, the evidence hadn’t been turned in or processed.

On Friday, during a one-on-one interview with News Center 23’s Derick Garcia Brownsville Police spokesperson J.J. Trevino confirmed Kauffman’s claim, “I don’t know if they were booked in or not but that’s something that is going to be looked at as far as the evidence.”

With an animal cruelty investigation underway, Brownsville are looking within their ranks for potential wrongdoing, “as far as internally, it’s being looked at. In the regards to make sure that the officer followed protocol, in regards, to picking up evidence and handling the case.” Said Trevino.

Despite the cord, bottle and crack pipe nowhere to be found, investigators are moving forward to find more evidence and potential eyewitnesses. The fact an animal cruelty investigation is active, offers some comfort to the Kauffman family, “this is well known as a stepping stone crime to torturing humans. what happens if this happens to someone’s child next or someone’s mother, someone’s wife…someone had to have seen something.”
News Center 23 will continue to follow the animal cruelty investigation and the missing evidence.
If you have information on the animal cruelty investigation contact Brownsville Police at 956-546-TIPS(8477)


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