Pit Bull with Broken Spine Learns To Walk Again

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“Every day that we see her we’re just so proud of her.” Said Dee Crews with the Laguna Madre Humane Society.

The pitbull mix goes by Utopia or Topie but no matter what you call her, success is part of her life.

Her journey began in one of the most horrendous ways imaginable.

Topie’s condition according to Crews was “one of the worst of the worst most definitely.”

On, January 27th,2016 Topie was left for dead in Brownsville.

She had a broken spine, legs and a severe rope burn on her neck. Initially veterinarians believed her throat had been slashed.

Topie was initially taken to the Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center. Several veterinarians believed Topie was too far gone.

“Euthanasia was first option that we got from a lot of the doctors” said Crews.

Ultimately began her road to recovery at the Laguna Madre Humane Society.

Topie never received surgery to repair her broken spine.

After months of intense water therapy and with help from a wheelchair, Topie is doing well.

During the 10 months of around the clock care, Crews could be found sleeping right next Topie’s kennel on some nights

“She runs she jumped she plays she’s the happiest dog she loves everyone despite everything that she’s been through” said Salinas.

Happy, healthy and has no problem giving kisses to friendly faces.

Topie is currently living with a foster family as the human society searches for a forever home.

To help animals like Topie with medical care, food and essentials, donate to the Laguna Madre Human Society here www.lmhstoday.com

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