Non-Profit Organizations Speak out Against the President’s Executive Order

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Non-profit organizations in the Rio Grande Valley are speaking out against President Trump’s Executive Order to build a wall. Organization leaders who say the money invested in the wall can be used for something else.

The idea of building a wall along the Mexican border has gotten a negative response from several non-profit organizations in the RGV. Multiple leaders of these organizations came together near the border to show their discontent with the President Trump’s Executive Order.

Martha Sanchez, LUPE Organizing Coordinator says, “This is symbolic because the president is talking about building a border wall, and eight years ago, they built a border wall against the wishes of the people that live here. They spent so much money, and the migration of people did not stop.”

Some of the organizations’ leaders say the money spent on the wall can be used for other things that will benefit RGV communities more.

Amber Arraiga Salinas, Assistant Executive Director – Proyecto Azteca says, “The border wall costs us $12.5 million, per mile. For 22 miles, that’s a heck of a lot of money. We would like to have one mile worth of that money to go towards housing, healthcare and education.”

Having politicians like Vicente Gonzalez and McAllen Mayor Jim Darling oppose the construction of the wall is important to these organizations. But they say they will do their part to fight Trump’s executive order.

Martha Sanchez, “We must continue to organize, and organize against him, and let him know that we’re not in accordance with this decision. I think that’s the best thing we can do. Be engaged, organize, and not stay silent, because this is not the time to have anybody silenced.”

Some of the organizations’ leaders will be traveling to Austin to talk with lawmakers about President Trump’s Executive Orders.

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