New Robot Technology Being Used to Kill Germs and Bacteria in Hospitals

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In other health news, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance is working to enhance patient safety by zapping away germs and bacteria that may be left behind after regular clean ups.

DHR is the first hospital in the Rio Grande Valley to use robot technology to reduce hospital acquired infections.

Studies show that the old fashioned way of cleaning hospital rooms are not as effective as we may hope.

But in as little as 5 minutes, this R2D2 look alike is helping Doctors Hospital at Renaissance destroy more germs and bacteria than ever before.

Dr. Gerardo Lopez-Mena says, “Hospitals are very dangerous because they’re like a petri dish for really bad bacteria. What I mean by bad bacteria is, bacteria that are resistant to strong antibiotics. Now there’s bacteria that are resistant to all antibiotics and that’s very, very scary. Now this, what it does, it helps reduce that bad bacteria so that when our patients come in to the hospital, they don’t spread it from themselves to others.”

The way it works is simple. The machine pulses Xenon through the ultraviolet flash lamp. Then a UVC light damages bacterial and viral DNA which then kills the microorganisms. No harsh chemicals required.

Sarah Simmons with Xenex Disinfection Services says, “Hospitals that use this technology see 50, 70, sometimes even 100 percent reductions in their infection rates. So we know that in using this it’s going to make an impact on patient safety here at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance.”

The Xenex robot is also very safe to use. It operates only behind glass doors. And if someone were to enter the room a motion sensor automatically shuts the machine off.

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance purchased seven Xenex robots a few months ago. Each valued at $100,00.

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