New Bill Will Make Sending Unwanted Nudes a Crime

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A new bill will regulate what people can send via cellphone and the internet after many digital platforms highlighted the growing number of unsolicited sexual communication occurring on their websites and apps. 

House Bill 2789 may be the solution, which creates an opportunity for lawmakers to treat indecent exposure online and on cell phones identical to the way Texas treats unsolicited sexual displays. 

And although Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz thinks the punishment is too lenient, he believes it’s a step in the right direction.

“This legislative session it appears to be that the crime that is now trending as per the social media is for individuals for the most part it’s been males, will send a female as their perverted way of courting that individual, a picture of a part of the genitals or nude picture,” Saenz said. 

The bill would make sending sexually-explicit visual material, including images containing nudity and sexual acts without consent, via cell phone or online, a Class C misdemeanor, with a fine of up to $500. 

“It’s offensive especially if you don’t even know the individual and especially if it’s unsolicited, but it’s kind of disappointing that even though they have identified a serious problem they have chosen to make it at this point only a class C offsense which is payable by a fine,” he said. 

The bill has been referred to Criminal Committee, if passed, the new law would take effect this year, on September 1. 

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