Nearly 79,000 Counterfeit Items Seized

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Nearly $16 million worth of counterfeit products from China are confiscated near the U.S. Mexico Border. 

The Department of Homeland Security in collaboration with Customs and Border Protection seize almost 79,000 items suspected of trademark infringement. Products ranging from apparel to consumer electronics trying to emulate luxury brands. 

We spoke with the Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security for more on commercial fraud. 
“These transnational criminal organizations use that legitimate trade for trade-based money laundering. So, they are doing their illicit activity in narcotic smuggling, human smuggling and what do they need to do at the end of the day with their illicit proceeds? They have to launder that money. And they’re doing a lot of that through trade-based money laundering.”

Tubbs also says these goods pose a triple threat. That’s because they cause harm to local business, public health, and help fund organized criminal activities. 

No arrest has been made in connection to this seizure.

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