Migrant processing center are overcrowded, Border Patrol agents fed up

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas — From the Rio Grande Valley to Laredo. Eagle Pass to El Paso. Migrant processing centers are overcrowded and getting worse. One center having 900 immigrants in a space meant for 125. The problem may be getting worse soon and not just because of the large numbers of migrants entering the country.

Many Customs and Border Protection Officers want out. A large number already putting in their retirement or transfer paperwork are fed up with the current situation. The Department of Homeland Security is calling the conditions dangerous overcrowding and unsanitary.

Victor M. Manjarrez Jr. Former El Paso Border Sector Chief, Rest assure nothing good will come of this health wise. There are just too many people in a confined space.

The former Border Patrol Chief says many of the agents have come down with all kinds of ailments they don’t usually get. He says most agents now remove their clothes before entering their own home for fear of bringing an illness to their families.

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